I’d like to preface by saying that I slept really poorly last night and cannot be held accountable for my dream. It was very choppy, almost grainy, when compared to my usual dreams. Anyway here is how events in last night Cognitive Theatre unraveled…

A woman and her boyfriend are fighting as police surround their home. The woman is rather stunning and obviously distraught. The man seems angry and aggressive but there is something not quite convincing about his mood. Eventually the police smash in the door and surround the couple. It becomes apparent they are here for her and are all but ignoring her boyfriend.

The woman panics amid the police shouting and pistol waving and before our eyes turns into a crocodile. She severely injures several officers before her boyfriend convinces her to change back and give up. Once again in human form she is escorted away to a large truck. Her boyfriend waits till the house is empty and makes a phone call.

Next the point of view changes and we are inside a cargo hold or box car of a boat or train, my mind can’t seem to decide and adds and subtracts features of either setting. The place has been modified into a heavily secured cage in which the girl sits on a army-style bunk. Another girl sits in a bunk opposite of her.

Her boyfriend is in the box car but outside the cage talking to a guard. The guard’s uniform has a label, something about Facility for Wayward Reptiles. This strikes me as funny at first until it dawns upon me that this is a concentration camp.

Somehow the boyfriend is convincing officials that his girlfriend should be “relocated” instead of put in the camp. I get the feeling that her parents and a large amount of money are at stake.

Somehow, he succeeds and the scene shifts to him, his girlfriend and the other prisoner on a boat somewhere in the South Pacific. It becomes clear that the boyfriend and the other prisoner know each other and are romantically involved. In fact, in a Hollywood-esque style narrative, the boyfriend announces this was all a ruse to get rid of his girlfriend and get her parents’ money for “saving” her from the camp.

The boyfriend and his accomplice have picked out a deserted island and abandon the crocodile-girl there, who, in her rage almost breaks free and eats their boat (harrowing chase scene inserted here).

After being on the island for several months an unconscious castaway washes up on the beach. The crocodile-girl finds him and is trying to decide whether to eat him, toss him back in the ocean or save him.

Dream ends.