It’s been far too long since I’ve visited The “New American Shakespeare Tavern” in Atlanta. Turns out it’s their 15th Anniversary!

Improvements included the addition of a kitchen (Dinner theatre “dinners” used to have to be catered from outside) and a balcony. None of this is likely news to regulars, but, like I said, it had been a long time.
Still, the things that made this place one of my favorites are still the same; small audience, friendly atmosphere, good food, and a good, fun show that reminds me again that Shakespeare was meant to be watched, not read in a book.

For those on a budget the Tavern has the preview of each show, kind of like a final rehersal with audience, for $10 – not much more than a movie nowadays. Plus it was fun to watch and see if anyone forgot a line.

Oh, I almost forgot, the actual show we saw was “All’s Well that End’s Well,” a funny Shakesperian take on how far a woman will go to win the man of her dreams. It also includes, as promised in the program notes, a filthy clown. (always a plus!)

The current series is “Comedy Spectacular” – five comedies through August and September. After that, with a murderous note for the Halloween will be a Macbeth (or “The Scottish Play” – does anyone know the origin of that superstition?) and then in November a “History Extravaganza!” which is pretty much what you’d expect. I’m going to be sure to catch the “Henry” series. If you haven’t heard the “St Crispin’s Day” speech in Henry V, you should!

The Tavern Web site is: