Was ambushed Friday by chapel_of_words, cyberduck, speaksga and twelveoaks for a belated but much appreciated helping of birthday cake. Thanks guys, it meant a great deal to me after a meat-grinder of a week.

Spent Saturday at’s Birthday/Painting shindig. Blame it on the paint fumes, but I really enjoyed the get together. Met several new folks and made at least one very pleasant re-acquaintance. :-)

Sunday I visited Casa de Mater to step up the ongoing war against the bushy-tailed vermin. Checked the wire barriers in the attic and set the traps. The next move is yours, my arboreal nemesis!

In the moments in between, finished cleaning and restoring the old Optimus Hiker stove I purchased. While its not a titanium Himalayan ascent gear, its old fashioned charm and brass fittings appeal to me. I’ll post some pictures of it in action when I get a chance, but here is an example of the model I have.