SEATTLE (Reuters) – Thanksgiving dinner with all the fixings: cranberry sauce, stuffing and turkey gravy flavored soda. Yummy? In the latest food fad to emerge in the United States, Seattle specialty soda maker Jones Soda Co. scored a hit this week with the introduction of a limited batch of Turkey & Gravy-flavored soda.

The tan-colored soda sold out in just three hours after an initial batch was put up for sale on its Web site on Friday, a spokeswoman for the company said.

Proceeds from the online sale, where two bottles of Turkey & Gravy soda sold for about $11, were donated to Toys for Tots, a children’s charity. Local retailers will start selling the soda from Monday.

Jones Soda said it would be up to local stores to set prices for Turkey & Gravy soda. Other sodas from the company typically cost $1 to $1.50.

Thanksgiving, a U.S. holiday that falls on the fourth Thursday of November, typically features a dinner with turkey, gravy and other condiments.

Turkey & Gravy soda tastes like a Thanksgiving dinner, but contains no meat extracts, Jones Soda said.

This isn’t the company’s first experiment in exotic carbonation. Fish tacos and ham flavors have also been offered as promotional soda flavors. Jones Soda said it will continue to introduce other unusual soda flavors.

Other flavors offered by Jones Soda include green apple, bubblegum and crushed melon.