Yawn, stretch, sore, stiff. I’m not entirely sure how I managed such a busy weekend but, on the whole, I think is a welcome change from the all too regular retinue of gaming (computer and otherwise) that I might recreate on a more regular basis.

My weekend began in earnest around 8ish Saturday morning helping Lyzosy & P with part of their move from their old loft to their new home. Along some other brave friends (which I was pleased to see included D), I think we put a reasonable dent in the migration. P and I strained mightily to put in a good show on behalf of the Y chromosome brigade. I did feel bad having to leave at 2pm but I had a crucial meeting with a house appraiser.

Said appraisal went very well, at least from my initial gut feelings. I even had time to catch up with Joseph who I hadn’t seen in ages. Sounds like he is hanging in there and hope things continue to improve for him.

But there’s more! It was back to Stately Maurer Manor where Ninjaduck3000 is distracting one birthday boy, Speaks. They are deep into Norrath by the time I arrive which is good because I desperately need a shower and a gallon of water. We puttered around a bit, were joined by another friend and indulged in ciders and “More frosting than Cake” Cake to celebrate Speaks survival of yet another year. Coffee, processed sugar and phat lootz aside, I eventually ran out of steam and called it a night. Good thing too, because there was more to come on Sunday.

Sunday morning, I packed a light lunch and lots of water and headed to Kennesaw Mountain. Not backcountry by any stretch of the imagination but close enough to get one good day hike in before having to return to a deskbound lifestyle. Based on a review at Georgia Trails.com I decided to try the Cheatham Hill Connector and Kolb’s Farm Loop trails. I was a little disappointed to see a dozen cars in the parking lot at the trailhead but thankfully folks seemed pretty spread out.

Once underway I realized that I was primarily in the company of Joint-crushing-endorphin-junkies (aka joggers). While they whizzed past me wheezing and beet-faced I set into a brisk walk and actually looked at the surroundings rather than let them merge into a cardio-vascular blur. Regardless of my disdain for the breed, I was shocked when one that strongly resembled Goblinkatie passed me three times on the Kolb’s Farm Loop… until I realized that Goblinkatie wouldn’t be caught dead jogging (wind might threaten her Marlboro, grin).

Anyway, both trails themselves are pretty average, crossing a few pretty spots and streams along with the regular sprinkling of Civil War monuments and markers. I’m not much of a Civil War buff, but I’m sure others would be interested in seeing the embankments and remnants. I took a few pictures whenever something caught my eye and will add them to the Image Gallery soon. The Cheatham Hill Connector is a little over 5 miles round trip (crossing a busy road at one point, frown) and the Kolb’s Farm Trail is about a 5.5 miles. Along with some side trails taken out of curiosity the pedometer suggests about 11 miles total. Which brings me to the final phase of the weekend…

One all hot water shower and another gallon of water followed by two hour nap, grin. Afterwards made some token clicky noises on the keyboard and went to sleep at a decent hour.