A brief and pleasantly uneventful Thanksgiving this year. Became better acquainted with my sister’s fiance; they are both in the residency phase of their medical studies and remarkably stable and happy regardless of the demands. My youngest sister came up from school in Savannah to join us with her somewhat overwhelmed boyfriend in tow. He seems like a nice enough guy; a strange counterpoint to her infamous brashness and outspokenness. Mom continues to be mom, regardless of the entire universe’s futile attempts to change her one iota.

As well as my catching up with my family in general. Met, for the first time, the horselike creature which they call their puppy (75lbs, 7 month year old Doberman named Max). We all went for a walk at the Augusta Canal Trail near my sister’s place and Max terrorized joggers much to my delight. Pictures forthcoming.

Drove back early this morning to go to work of all things. Such is the life of a contractor. The office is more or less empty and serenely dark and quiet. I have a little less than my body weight in turkey and assorted side items to keep me company.

Still planning to try to fit a dayhike in this weekend and after speaking to the future brother-in-all, I may try a winter visit to Cumberland Island National Park. A few nights of beaches and wild horses sounds rather appealing particularly in the off season.