Mmmn, nothing like third party hardware to take your game addiction to the next level. Here are three, relatively inexpensive goodies you might consider for the PC gamer in your house…

Zboard Keyboard

Zboard allows the multigame enthusiast to plop in incredibly detailed and powerful keyboard units into a base station. Supported titles already include Empires: Dawn of the Modern World, Crossfire, Delta Force: Black Hawk Down, Neverwinter Nights, Age of Mythology, Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, Civilizations III, Madden NFL and future releases include: Unreal Tournament, EverQuest, EverQuest II, Planetside and Horizons: Empires of Istaria. If you ABSOLUTELY insist on being productive, Zboard also has keysets for Word, Excel, Office, Internet Explorer, Photoshop, Flash MX, Dreamweaver MX and 3ds Max.

Zboard base unit with Internet Exporer (standard) retails for $25US at Additional keysets available seperately.

Programmable Hot Keys

? Of the 10 buttons located along the top right-hand side of the base, 9 are fully programmable. When you receive your Zboard? Base, these buttons are preset to popular defaults such as the Calculator and Word Pad? Programming the Zboard? Hot Keys is easy! Simply go to your desired destination & hold down the Hot Key for 3 seconds and you?re done!

Multi-Media Controls

? Volume control (+, -, and mute), play, pause, stop, rewind, and fast forward? Designed to work with Windows Media Player 6.4 and up

Integrated Wrist Rest & Keyboard Height Adjustment

For your comfort and convenience, the Zboard? Base is equipped with a removable wrist rest and extendible legs

Sennheiser PC 140 Headset

A superb combination headset for music, media and communications.

The PC 140 is modelled in the sleek looking and comfortable “neckband design” and boasts the following features:

  • Ideal for PCs, laptops, voice recognition, Internet telephony, VoIP

  • Also for CD, MP3, DVD

  • Compatible with all major sound cards

  • In-line volume control

  • Microphone mute

  • Comfortable, adjustable headband

  • Noise cancelling microphone

  • 2 x 3.5 mm jacks for PC sound cards

Sennheiser PC 140 Headset retails for $32US at Additional keysets available seperately.

Nyko AirFlo Mouse

Work and Play longer and stronger on your PC with the Air Flo? Mouse. A built-in fan gently pushes air through systematically designed pores on the outer shell to cool you hand. It?s ergonomically designed, and features a high-quality optical sensor and dual-button design. Gamers aren?t the only ones who benefit ? graphic designers, computer animators and anyone else who spends hours on their PCs can enjoy maximum comfort. Be sweat-free on your PC with the Air Flo? Mouse.

Air Flo? Mouse Features Air Vents
Improved ventilation system for cooler controls.
Air Flo? Mouse Features Multi-Speed Fan
Improved switch to customize the AirFlo? cooling system.
Air Flo? Mouse Features Rubber Grips
Increased traction for intense gameplay.
Air Flo? Mouse Features Rubber Joystick
Increased 360 degree traction for intense gameplay.

The Nyko AirFlo Mouse retails for approximately $40 US.