MMS CAM for Series60 was created to allow a user to send a command to their camera phone which would then take and transmits a picture. Oh, the practical as well as michievious possibilities.

(Yellow Computing) Just send the command SMS ‘//YMMSCAM’ and in the twinkling of an eye it takes a photo and sends it back via MMS or via e-mail (an email adress must be saved in the contact that sends the SMS).

The access of the camera can be confined, so that only messages of specified senders will be accepted. Sent photos can be archived on the phone. Taken photos can alternatively be saved with higher, normal or lower image quality.

The greatest party gag ever. Your guest can check whether the meal is ready or what’s going to be on table later…also mama can check if the children at home behave themselves. You can also check if it’s a good idea to drive out to your weekend cottage – just check the weather there and then decide. Or Or Or…


  • Picture request via SMS from every available mobile phone
  • Ease to use
  • Adjustable picture quality and optional save function
  • Free defineable user groups
  • Excessively low-current -> long stand-by time.

Available languages:

Requirements: 250 Kb free memory

Compatible Devices/Operating System: Nokia 3650,Nokia 7650

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