Mystech: I’m just so perplexed why anyone would want their hotdog to look like an octopus, that I had to share this with folks.

The Octodog brings fun to an ordinary hotdog and meal, watch how many interesting and unique ways children can find to eat Octodogs. Remember to get out the camera! Your photos can be used to win prizes in upcoming Octodog Contests!

The hotdog is among the top ten items found in many lists concerning choking occurrences in young children. Pediatricians recommend slicing a hotdog linearly. The method of slicing a hotdog linearly can reduce the chances of choking during consumption. A sliced hotdog is a safer way to serve hotdogs to children. Octodogs are not only fun, but may be a safer way to serve hotdogs. Use Octodog?s Frankfurter converter and create Octodogs to add fun to any:

  • party
  • birthday
  • backyard cookout
  • picnic
  • camping trip
  • occasion
  • Octodogs can bring fun to just about any meal!

The list goes on? Do you sell hotdogs and want to sell Octodogs within your business? Contact Octodog through our ?contact? page for info. Why Octodogs? Kids enjoy them, and parents will too! Send us an email or photo telling us why Octodogs are your favorite… Maybe you?ll end up on the net! Surprise your guests serve Octodogs!

I really don’t think I can say anything more on this, just go to for yourself.