As I slept last night I found myself walking through and on a place I did not recognize at first. As I thought about it more, I realized that I was walking on the underside of a large body of water. With kind of a reverse-Jesus effect (which I won’t even stop to consider), my feet would touch the underside of the point where water and air met.

As I walked I would tread up and down small undulating waves and feel spray between my toes and surmised that this was an ocean. The sunlight beneath me was quite intense and gave the “ground” a silvery sheen, through which I could still see some of the world “below”. Around me the occasional fish would fly by while, beneath, gulls would dart through the firmament. At one point a school of dolphins came along side me, unfazed by my presence, and I marveled at their “borrowing” into the air below only to burst forth again in the watery underworld.

Walking further, I could see the darkness above me break and details of the ocean floor came into view. At first, branches of coral fans and anemones like strange, frozen living lightning and undulating alien growths poked out from the blackened sky. Further along, they were accompanied by reefs and sand that served as clouds. At this point, I was certain that I was approaching the shore, which loomed like the overhang of some sort of cliff or mountain in my topsy-turvy reality.

True to the form, the analogy held and I felt a powerful current gusting past me. Seeking it out, I found a river, snaking back from the ocean much like a cave into the terrestrial boundary. I decided to explore it and found that it not much different than walking into a headwind; the occasional flush of whitewater, much like a downpour or drizzle of air.

Eventually, the river succumbed to a series of tributaries and I picked an inviting one without much consideration, deciding to follow it to its source. This proved a little tricky at points as I had to circumvent boulders or hopscotch through the deeper parts of streams.

Finally, I reached its source, a glistening pool that percolated up through the stony ceiling; a grotto in mirror form to me. I decided that’s it rather cozy and set up shop. In time, I noticed people coming and going occasionally and do things. Some stared into the water, others partook of rituals and ceremony, others threw things in, others seem to come seeking things.

When I was not out wandering the tributaries and visiting the sea, I accommodated these unknowing guests to my home. A liquid whisper to response to their words, a fish guided to the end of a hungry hook, something from deep in the pool pushed to within sight of their wandering eyes or something secreted away from the world as it rose into my home.