(Blizzard Sport) For years snowmaking has been confined to Ski Resorts, where large snowmaking systems provide the key element for the Ski industry, SNOW. These systems require huge quantities of water and an expensive infrastructure of pipes, high capacity pumps, and compressors to make the snow that keeps the resorts in business.

The patented Blizzard Sport has been engineered with the highest quality components and with the same technology as industrial models used at premier ski resorts worldwide.

The Blizzard Sport is a complete snowmaking system capable of making approximately 50 cubic feet of snow per hour. Outfitted with an air compressor and high-pressure water pump, the machine operates with water fed from a garden hose and power from a single 20 amp electrical outlet. (Requires operating temperatures of approximately 25 degrees F or below).

Cost: $1,995 (plus shipping)

Blizzard Sport