(Time) There’s nothing like a crackling fire made from good old-fashioned firewood. But real logs produce lots of soot and carbon dioxide, and real trees often have to be felled to make them. Enter the Java Log. Made from used coffee grounds, it boasts a higher heat density than real wood, so it can burn hotter and last longer. When TIME compared the Java Log to a Duraflame (a log made of sawdust and wax), the Java Log ignited more quickly and produced taller, prettier flames. But does it make your house smell like a Starbucks Caribou store? Not to our nose.

The Java-Log

Java-Log is the only product of its kind in the world! It was invented, engineered, and is manufactured in Canada.

Brighter burning – Coffee has about 25% more energy than wood and triple the flame per unit of energy, so Java-Log provides the highest and brightest flames throughout the burn time.

Better for your chimney – Naturally made with substantially less wax than wood-based fire-logs, Java-Logs produce significantly less soot build-up than wood.

Better for the environment – Reusing the waste from the world’s most popular beverage reduces waste in landfills, and coffee emits about 14% less C02 emissions than wood when burnt.

Easy to light – One match is all you will need to light Java-Log on the first try. For optimal results, light up both ends of the package with the logo on top (facing up).

Most Common Questions

What do they smell like?
Java-Logs have a faint sweet scent arising from the mixture of molasses and coffee. Most people don’t smell anything while others smell a faint sweet coffee aroma – no chemical scent.

How long do they burn?
Java-Logs burn about the similar length of time as other fire-logs (5lb. 2-3 hours). The length of time depends on the size and efficiency of your fireplace.

Who invented this product idea?
Java-Log was invented by Rod Sprules P.Eng., a mechanical Engineer with extensive experience in product development and manufacturing systems. He is a resident of Ottawa and has recently been awarded a patent in the US (pending in Canada and Europe). The Company was founded based on his invention of clean-burning, high-energy, fuel products comprised primarily of recycled coffee.

What Customers Have to Say About Our Java-Log

  • Ottawa – “We absolutely love the java logs. They have turned us into family room potatoes, who sit in front of the fireplace and pop in a fire with ease. They are clean, easy and enjoyable.”
  • Toronto – “My husband and I were visiting friends in Ottawa at New Year’s Eve and they purchased the Java Logs you sell. We were so impressed that when we came back to Toronto we began looking for them. Is it possible to purchase them from you directly or is there anyone else in this area who may be distributing them?”
  • Germany -“Nous venons de passer quelques jours chez des amis au Canada qui se chauffaient dans leur chemin?e avec vos produits qui nous ont sembl? tr?s int?ressants surtout du fait que nous ne les connaissons pas en Europe. Il s?agit en effet de barres de marc de caf? envelopp?es de papier. Nous vous serions tr?s reconnaissants de nous faire parvenir de plus amples informations”
  • Vancouver – “I’ve been quite interested in Java Logs from the time I first read about them in an article in the Vancouver Sun.” I want to know when and where I get this delightful product.
  • Ottawa – “Our family was first introduced to Java-Log by the professional, enthusiastic and knowledgeable earlier this year. Since then, the Java-Log has brightened the homes and hearts of many of our associates and friends around-the-world. Thank you.”
  • California – “Would be interested in purchasing your product in the US market place? Could you please contact me for additional information and discussions.”
  • UK – “My friend thought your cakes were the best since the dogs bollocks came around.”
  • Toronto – “… I wanted to talk to you about profiling your company for a book we are writing on passion in the workplace tentatively titled “PassionFlow”. My company is the sole representative of the Tom Peters Company here in Canada.”
  • Montreal – “I am an ex-patirate of Ottawa, born in Montreal and back here for a good bit. Do you sell the Java logs anywhere in Montreal or nearby? If not in Quebec, I often go to see my in-laws in St. Albert Ontario and sometimes go in to Lancaster. Can I get any of them in these locations?”
  • Ottawa – “Last winter I tried one of your 5-lb. Java-Log in our fireplace at home and was pleased with the result. I am wondering whether any are available in the interim, as we would like to continue using them this summer, especially later in August.”
  • BC – “Are you thinking of expanding west?? Where can I get this wonderful product in my area??”

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