(Bargain PDA) The rumors of a new PocketPC from Asus that were going around a few weeks ago have been proven true. A few days go, the Taiwanese company showed off the new machine to a group of local technology correspondents, and intimated that it was planned for a January release. The PocketPC features built in WiFi and Bluetooth wirelss connectivity, as well as both CompactFlash and SDIO expansion slots, a 400 MHz processor, 64 MB RAM, and 64 MB ROM. Since the A716 hasn’t officially launched yet, definite pricing information isn’t available, however it is expected to be about $500.


The A716 will mark the first true PocketPC to offer two built-in wireless options and two expansion slots on the U.S. market. The only other dual-slot dual-radio PocketPC is the Fujitsu Loox 610BT/WLAN, which is not available in North America. Curiously, the A716 looks nearly identical to the 610BT/WLAN, possibly indicating some common heritage.

Asus PocketPCs have a reputation for speed and quality, but have been hampered in gaining a significant portion of the market due to limited availability. In addition to manufacturing their own line of PocketPCs, Asus also builds palmOne’s Tungsten line of handhelds.