Rock pioneers Peter Gabriel and Brian Eno have teamed up to launch a new musicians’ alliance they hope will encourage artists to work outside of the record label loop. The two music boffins are trying to encourage more artists to sell their music online, instead of through record labels. Both have been at the cutting edge of Internet-linked music for the past two decades and, in presenting their “manifesto” at the Midem conference in France yesterday, they hope to prompt new and established acts to stamp their mark on digital music.
Calling the plan the “Magnificent Union of Digitally Downloading Artists” (MUDDA), former Roxy Music star Eno says, “Unless artists quickly grasp the possibilities that are available to them, then the rules will get written, and they’ll get written without much input from artists. By removing record labels from the equation, artists can set their own prices and their own agendas.” The two musicians hope to fully launch the online alliance by the end of February. Gabriel insists the move isn’t an attempt to “shut down the record companies”, but just give all acts an alternative to the traditional ways of selling records. (wenn)