Those that know me best are well aware of my strong need to bring order, stability and structure to chaotic systems. This often takes the form of unsettlingly clean and sorted living spaces. Compared to my more chaotic brethren this can be distressing, but I assure them its just a healthy expression of an ongoing desire for self improvement. Imagine my near primal joy when I stumbled across a video of an origami like method for folding your t-shirts.

After watching it, I decided that I just had to give this a go. The basic technique is quite simple and eloquent, but the nuances are important. Without a good sense of initial structure, your final form will lack harmony of symmetry, particularly about the neckline. I suspect its no coincidence that the final rectangle is a function of the golden ratio if the process is done properly. On my third try I got it just right.

Without further ado, here is the video clip that got me started. The audio is Japanese, but its pretty easy to follow. I recommend a current version of Windows Media Player.

T-Shirt Origami