I really need to get a small, inexpensive slim camera to tuck away in my messenger bag. My regular camera, while fine for robust shooting, is just too darn big to lug around every day. This morning in particular, there were three interesting sights I would have loved to have gotten pictures of.

The first was on the MARTA rail. A woman (for god knows what reason) had decided to wear a long black dress, thoroughly encrusted in gold sequins. Every time the morning sunlight struck her, the interior of the train lit up with thousands of motes of light on the ceiling, floor and walls. This happened dozens of times. It was like being in a bad disco or my high school prom. Needless to say I was grinning from ear to ear in amusement.

On the walk from the MARTA rail station to my office, a huge Luna moth (not my picture) had taken up residence on a stark grey concrete wall. If you haven’t ever seen one of these things, they are huge and an impossibly vibrant shade of green. Perched flush against the concrete it looked like some sort of precious jewel embedded in a cave wall.

Finally, near my office the imperfections in the mirrored surface of a building were casting wonderfully convuloted reflections against the unadorned wall of an adjacent office. The effect, which was about six stories high, looked for the world like the illuminated vertebrae of the building exposed.

I know my words can hardly do certain images justice, but I thought I should mention them anyway. Maybe someone better equipped than me will notice the understated wonders of the world around them and share them as well.