Competition and event outright hostility are well known in the LARP community. One organization in particular is infamous for its attacks, suspensions, suspected illegal activities and threats. If the larping industry had a Mafia want-to-be, you wouldn’t have to look far to identify it. Consider the grade school rantings of John Ryan, Jr.


As much of in impact that your show and network has on larp and america since I never heard of your show and I don’t really care what you think I deal with negative people all the time I live in the city of Angels. However you and your show no ones ever heard of will not be missed. As far as our celebritys they ALL perform in charity events and the trashy lingerie girls are the same ones who worked as stage models for the oscars.

If you know ANYTHING about marketing you know that celebs bring press which is why we have over 75 press outlets confirmed including E!,Entertainment tonight and The Ellen Show. We helped LARP become a household name rather then a name within their own community and Mr. Valenti as well the LARP community will be honored in Hollywood for all they stand for. You are a miserable person and I’m sorry you have that much time on your hand. You and your company are not welcome to our show this year or the years after. Thank you for wasting our time. Feel free to tune into our show and also any media outlet station for coverage. Good Day.

John Ryan Jr

Dear John,

I must say that your childish and hostile response has done nothing for my faith in the project. I actually have nothing against the models in question and I’m sure they’re lovely people.

Currently I am not in the least miserable, but thank you for your concern. I do know enough about marketing to know that responding to legitimate concerns with hysterical personal insults is not likely to inspire positive feeling. I would also recommend a remedial spelling and grammar course if you wish to pursue a career in marketing.

Do try again when you grow up,


Yeah, I’m just dying to attend an event or organization with those sort of public relation skills. Tell me, do they have guys with baseball bats to deal with Bloggers too? Guess, I’ll find out if a guy with “Monster” on his t-shirt and some green face paint shows up at my house at 3am. :-)

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