I’ve probably ranted to a few of you about the “Christ is Coming Soon, Screw the Enviroment” attitude I’d seen among a surprising number of Christian organizations and movement. With that in mind I was a little confused when I ran across the Evangelic Climate Initiative website this morning. On one hand I’m relieved to see some positive & productive positions. On the other, maybe I’m being too picky or reading too much into the additional ideology.

Many people are surprised to find that I do consider myself a Christian.  I don’t put much stock in the storebrand varieties out there, and I believe a healthy serving of practicality and skepticism are great side dishes to any religion. And probably most heretical, I’m inclined to favor non-denominational good deeds committed simply for the sake of kindness over the stat-keeping practices witnessing, conversions and “souls batted in”. This is probably a result of seeing many ministry shows as a child and feeling that relief-efforts by various Christian organizations had a strong “Food for Faith” undertone.
Maybe I should just be grateful of a productive attitude regardless of the trapping.  Just do me a favor and let me know if you read their actions list in reverse order like I do.  :-)

Evangelic Climate Initiative