beargrove.gifSo there I am looking for new and interesting ways to keep my iPod pegged at 90% full when I came across some gamer podcasts. I had to do a double take at the title of this one but something about it clicked in my head. After reading more I discovered it was by Sam Chupp, another White Wolf survivor (are any of my friends NOT?). He’s apparently been casting for quite awhile, but I decided to jump in feet first and download episode 17.

Later that day, as the graffiti gallery of Atlanta’s MARTA whizzed by I qued up his show. The opening is a little light-hearted but then he jumps into some pretty content rich material. Reviews, concepts, rules, workshop and game theory. A little something for the fanboy and a little something for the game theorist.

Sam spends a few minutes reminiscing about White Wolf and while you can tell he hasn’t forgotten some of the unpleasant incidents, he does a good job of focusing on the fonder memories and better times at that organization.

The Bear’s Grove