I’m once again being shown the limits of my artistic animation abilities and just how bad my actionscript knowledge is (I work in HTML, PHP, CSS, PERL, etc for pete’s sake). I’m taking a break so that I don’t push some vital information out of my brain while trying to get this adserver/tracking code to work for a client. I did a little more research on smart phone replacements for my dead/decomposing Sidekick. As we speak it sits and occasionally chirps pitifully at me. Some of these pathetic sounds are phone calls that I occasionally can answer by energetically pounding buttons at random. Others seem to be phantom electrical shorts as the damaged circuitry guts slide and shift around within.


As I made my way through the maze of smart phones on the market, I took a friend’s advice and began to trim down a list of features, functions and form that I wanted in my phone:

  • Useable as a laptop modem (a darn handy/sexy feature)
  • EDGE data transfer support
  • Decent document file support
  • Decent selection of applications/software
  • QWERTY Keyboard a MUST
  • Good Instant Messenger options
  • Ability to use personal email account
  • Good Text Messaging support
  • Good Web Browsing ability
  • Competitive price (phone and service plan)

Of less importance were media support and camera. These really weren’t that high and quickly fell to the wayside. Some early contenders included the Motorola Q and the Sidekick 3. Ultimately, the Motorola Q was disqualified. While it seems like a fine phone and the price is very nice for what you get, Verizon has some abysmal pricing plans; absolutely criminal as a matter of fact. The Sidekick 3 seemed like an obvious choice as well, but the more I went over it the less pleased I was with it on the whole. The severely limited selection of software and intentionally crippled potential made me feel that the device was overpriced (comparable to a Treo from some providers).

Speaking of the Treo, it came well recommended but ultimately I just don’t like the device on the occasions that I’ve used someone’s.

Oddly enough, I find myself gravitating towards a very unlike phone, the Blackberry 8700g. I’ll pause to allow the corporate/enterprise haters to finish their boos and hisses…


It’s a very solid device. It meets just about every one of my requirements (I have an well-worn but reliable iPod and decent digital camera already). And the price was absolutely astonishing; a reputable vendor is offering it for $0 after rebate (yes, zero) and a service plan equal to what I was paying for my old phone with more minutes and unlimited data. Now I just have to defeat my buyer’s paralysis and get on with it.

Comments and suggestions welcome.