Have you ever had to design, write or otherwise create something so unpleasing to your sense of quality or work ethic that you were literally ashamed of it? The closest I came to this in the past was on a writing project for a company that Shall Not Be Named many years ago where awful, unspeakable things were done to a text after it was submitted it in order to preserve some twisted and outright delusional sense of political correctness.  While I wished I could have retroactively used a pseudonym on that project, at least I could take comfort in the fact that I didn’t actually commit the creative atrocity in question.  This time, I have no such defense.

In the name of speed and efficiency, I will be creating something that I honestly do not feel is a good representation of my (our) abilities and standards. Yes, I know I’m being a bit of a prima donna here, but something deep inside me winces in pain to do something too quickly and far below my (our) capabilities. The angels on my shoulders, Work Ethic and Quality Control are boxing me about the ears as I type this. I don’t think this piece will find its way to my portfolio.