(WTVM News) Was Martin Luther King a Republican? Did the Democrats start the Ku Klux Klan? The answer to both is yes, if you believe a new ad that’s being put on the radio by members of the G-O-P in Maryland. The National Black Republican Association ad features one woman telling another: “Doctor King was a real man. You know he was a Republican.” A researcher with the King Center in Atlanta says King never endorsed candidates from either party. The ad goes on to say Democrats helped pass and enforce Jim Crow laws that kept blacks and whites in the South separate.

Mystech: How very… insightful. Audio of the ad inside for your consideration.

Maryland is the scene of a sharp political battle for the state’s open U-S Senate seat. It pits Lieutenant Governor Michael Steele, a black Republican against his Democratic opponent, Representative Ben Cardin. Steele has said the ad is “insulting to Marylanders” and has asked the G-O-P group to stop running it.

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