Der_W.jpgCongragulations, your rights to Habeas Corpus guaranteed by a little piece of paper called the Constitution have now been abolished. The Bush Administration now has the power to imprison anyone, anywhere, for any amount of time, with no substantiated evidence, without a declared reason or charges… including American citizens. Of course, they have to declare said persons to be “enemy combatants” and that would take lots of effort… something like the Bush saying “Hey you, yeah you with the anti-Bush bumpersticker on your car. You’re an enemy combatant… get ’em boys!”. Of course, Bush would never use this power for anything that trivial, right? Then again we are talking about the guy who says disagreeing with him is un-American and supportive of terrorists.

Let’s forget for a moment that these Constitutional rights are guaranteed except in times of Civil War or Invasion, although both of these exceptions are starting to seem preferrable to the slow erosion of democracy in America. Isn’t there pugent irony in the fact that while claiming to democratize the world, Bush and his Reich are doing more to incinerate that very concept here?

Right now, the thin line between a democratic presidency and an imperial regime is in the form of a Supreme Court ruling; and that ruling is only one Supreme Court Justice away from being in the pocket of the Bush Administration.

We often smugly ask ourselves how the citizens of various “repressive regimes” around the world could allow themselves to live under such rulers. Now, when some other smug country asks Americans how they came to surrender their freedoms and liberties, I wonder what answer we’ll offer?