Dear Manufacturers, there is a signifigant and important difference between “early adoption” and “half baked products”. Please make a note of it. No matter how many shiny, pre-N wifi devices you come out with, I won’t be buying one. It’s too similar to trading in my dollars for a currency that MIGHT be used in some market someday.  See also Blu-Ray HD-DVD.  I think I’ll wait and see before taking a 50/50 shot at owning this generation’s Betamax. Finally, Sony… please stop making ultra-proprietary products and being shocked when folks fail to embrace them, tossing aside any realistic hopes of well-supported compatibility. You will not recapture the lost glories of your Walkman days in this way.  You are so good at physical design, but so bad at understanding your (potential) customers. You’re only embarrassing and hurting yourself.