While many political forecasters have been predicting the possibility of the Republicans losing control of Congress in the upcoming elections, I’m remaining cautiously optimistic. Several mechanisms are in place to defer the voting power of dissenters to the current regime. The most aggressive redistricting in the history of modern America is one well-known method, but its not alone.

Republican led initiatives shifted from swaying to the notoriously fickle swing vote segments of the population to hampering voter turn out, particularly among less tractable segments of the population. Some of these tactics are chillingly reminiscent of the Jim Crow laws of the past.
Let’s also not forget those lovely voting machine which have already begun to crank out some decidedly interesting “errors” similar to the ones present in the last presidential “election”. I’m sure the irony of reports from Florida will not be lost on readers. Incidentally, what ever became of Diebold’s CEO, Walden O’Dell’s memo promising Ohio’s votes to Bush in the 2004 election? Oh well, probably not important, right?
So what exactly is the policy for requesting a team of international observers to ensure the electoral process in a struggling democracy? I’d like to get started on the paperwork.