Dear White House, thank you for turning over the documents regarding the highly controversial attorney firings. Just one question. Why is there an 18 day gap in the documentation starting with the President’s and Karl Rove’s comments and input on the matter?

As much as I’m a proponent of alternative fuels and innovative solutions, putting a hydrogen burning engine on everything from your car to your blender is NOT a solution. Hydrogen is currently requires quite a bit of energy to create. Need to solve that problem further upstream imho before declaring it a silver bullet.

You still look like a dork with your bluetooth headset. Sorry, just calling it like I see it.

I just love the incredibly creative architecture in these cutting edge “eco-homes” and off-grid constructions. No really, I’d love to own one. However, do you really think 500k+ houses will be adopted on a large enough scale to actually make a significant impact?

While I admire the engineering involved and I’m sure the view is stunning, putting a sky bridge on the Grand Canyon seems to me like offering “pony rides” on sedated Great White Sharks. Sort of takes the natural splendor out of it.