Gas duster (also incorrectly referred to as canned air) is a product consisting of liquefied difluoroethane, trifluoroethane, or tetrafluoroethane in a spray can. Commonly used to clean intricate objects such as keyboards and camera equipment.

Bottled water is drinking water generally purified by mundane means and repackaged in such a ways as to demand a premium price from consumers.

Mystech is a blogger of astonishingly low talent and perpetual boredom.

Combine the three and you get desktop cryogenics. The pressure at which the gas duster unloads its subthermal cocktail tends to blast water everywhere, but I wonder if with a bit of practice and control if you could do some abstract freeze sculpting?

Image after the cut.


Yes, I know liquid nitrogen is much cooler, and if you can secure a large cannister for me after “the last incident”, I promise to upgrade.