After a morning chat with Twelveoaks where I confessed that I’d discovered that my last batch of oranges came from South Africa* we started talking about the halcyon days of Web Van and about veggie/fruit delivery services and local food co-ops. I’ve heard of a few here and there, but I don’t have any concise idea of the ones operating in the Atlanta area.  Obviously, an emphasis on local producers would be preferable but I’m not a 100-mile fanatic.  Organic is a nice perk, but frankly I’d prefer locally-produced over long-distance organic.

Obviously there is great merit and advantage in getting off one’s butt and commuting to the area farmer’s markets but that isn’t feasible or efficient for everyone on a regular basis.   Google pointed to a company called Off the Vine here in our area, but I thought I’d ask around and see what services other people are using or have heard of.

* I swear I had no idea!  I mean with Florida just “next door” I assumed rather than checking the labels more closely.