pres_pierce.jpgIt’s a gesture that seems to be commonly attributed to Napoleon who supposedly had either a damaged hand which he hid or an ulcer which he massaged. I’ve never seen proof positive of either. In any case, while discussing a former co-worker’s distant relation to President Franklin Pierce, I came across this photo. As it turns out, this was not an unfamiliar pose in art and photography of the time. So exactly what is going on here? What is the significance of the gesture. Twelveoaks and I did a little brainstorming and offer a few of our theories below. Feel free to contribute more or comment on the ones below. I might animate the best theory for posterity.

Mystech Theories:

  • Secret gang sign
  • Recent nipple-piercing still tender
  • Particularly bristly armpit hair
  • Hates Paparazzi, reaching for a gun
  • Poor Circulation Plague that only infects one hand
  • Sneaking snacks to pet Sugarglider hidden in breast-coat pocket