My computer speakers have about 6 years on them. I’ll be the first to admit that speakers are pretty low on my computer hardware list (I generally live through headphones), but these are bad even by my standards.  I think its high time I consider replacing them, but I’m having a hard time finding successors that fit my needs.  While I’m not a hardcore audiophile, there are a couple things I demand in computer speakers.

I don’t need surround sound, house blasters. I just want to be able to fill a small room with rich, clear sound at a variety of modest volume levels.  Also, I like controls and inputs on the speakers themselves; must haves include:  headphone jack, volume, and microphone jack (anything else is nice, but simply a bonus).   I’d like traditional audio cables, not the USB-based ones since these speakers will be plugged into my KVM switch and occasionally used with non-computer devices.  As far as design goes, something tasteful and preferably black that won’t overwhelm my desktop real estate.  Price is a factor; I’m not cheap but I’m also not setting up a home theater system here.

Anyone have any experiences with a set of speakers that meet these requirements (I know the microphone jack is a toughie)? Any recommendations in general? I’ve scoured most of the regular manufactures and have either found them heavily weighted towards the “constellations” of speakers (i.e. five speakers to set around the room and a bass box you sit on).