Sorry for the long silence. I’ve been pretty consumed with moving stuff to the new diggs.  Its been a strange combination of plenty of time and yet, not enough. The new place is a studio apartment, very efficient but different than most of my past living arrangements. The location is incredible. I’m literally 1-3 blocks from everything in the heart of Buckhead (I could hit the Atlanta Fish Market with a baseball).  I’ve been liquidating old stuff that I’ve been dragging around for years and replacing some things that I should have a long time ago (How exactly did I acquired 38 steak knives, none of which appear to match?).

I took my first shower there last night and slept there for the first time last night. The DSL is set up (but not the wifi yet) and I was pleased to see rocketing speeds.  Either they got something right in this neighborhood or I’m the only one in the building aware of the existence of the “internets”.

A glass of wine would have been perfect, but better still I had a long conversation with Pip over poetry and the respective merits of canine and feline companions.