I hung up rail baskets numbers three and four last night. I ran out of potting soil on the last one, so another trip to the Home Despot is in order in the near future.

The experimental peat pods I seeded last Sunday are already sending up some tiny shoots. I’m kind of surprised since the seed packets said 7-10 days at the earliest, but sure enough the Mesclun lettuce had some tiny shoots last night and this morning, the Okra and Brussel Sprouts followed suit. Here’s hoping that they have as much endurance as they do speed.

The bird feeder has been discovered by the Avian Mafia, although they are apparently doing their feeding while I’m at work; numerous seed shells to be found on the floor beneath the feeder.

Finally, my patio activity has not gone unnoticed by certain members of the intelligence community. Perched in a tree, an operative of the Great Enemy was on blatant surveillance duty.

Photographs after the cut.

Sample rail baskets… much sturdier than they appear. I put about 35lbs in weights in them and they didn’t sag so I think they’ll be ok (wet soil and plants will be much less).

Grow my tiny vegetable minions, grow!

If you look closely, you can see that he’s carrying a tiny parabolic microphone.