During my lunch break yesterday I dropped into one of the Buckhead area nurseries. It seems they all but sell out between deliveries when it comes to fruit and vegetable plants, but should be restocked for the weekend. After poking around for a bit, I decided that I’d like to add strawberries to the patio garden if they have some promising plants Saturday.

Also, after watching the light levels on the patio closely, I think I’ll stick to just six rail planters and see how that goes. I’m taking Kate’s suggestion about the upside-down planters to hang from the outer edge of the patio ceiling. Probably tomatoes and peppers.

The sprouts are accelerating if anything and the first of the garden beans erupted yesterday afternoon. Photographs after the cut.

Mesculin (top row) and Okra (bottom row).

Brussel Sprouts (bottom row) and yet to sprout Artichokes (top row).

First of the Garden Beans.