10) Stuff it under your mattress… assuming you still own one.

9) Euros!

8) Invest in ammunition… you know in case of Cloverfield, Chud or another Republican regime.

7) Stockpile food… Its not just for Mormons anymore!

6) Donate to an Impeachment fund… oh the sweet, sweet irony.

5) Canadian citizenship processing fee… with change left over for plaid jacket and hockey lessons.

4) Send it back and pay down your share of the US economic debt ($30,000/citizen and climbing)

3) Contribute to your favorite environmental charity… there must be some species left.

2) Buy lottery tickets… about as solvent as anything else these days. :-(

1) Make a loan that makes a difference through Kiva.org… 99.7% pay back rate and the ability to see a relatively small amount of your money make a relatively large difference in someone else’s life.