This morning I went outside of Pip’s apartment to start loading the car at 6:30am and was greeted by snow flurries.  Very pretty under the street lamps in the dark… until I found I could not get back in to the apartment (pre-access times).  I could not ring Pip’s phone either (it was on silent), but eventually some kindly local soul let me in out of the snow.  Finished loading the car, filled our coffee travel mugs and hit the road.

Snow got heavier and heavier as we drove through North Carolina, but none of it was sticking at this point. By the time we got to eastern Tennessee, however, there were a few slushy patches, so we took it slow and easy.  By western Tennessee it was sunny but cold. I’ve driven through Tennessee on many occasions and it always has it shares of pretty mountain roads and overlooks. It did not disappoint this time either.

Kentucky was dry, sunny but still pretty cold.  The first segment of Kentucky seemed similar to Tennessee but quickly gave way flat open country of fields and farms.  Comparatively empty with long stretches between potential stops.

Got slightly detoured in Illinois by road construction but got back on track thanks to Pip’s mad Navigatrix skills.   Calling it a night just east of St. Louis.  Picked up an hour, but I’m still road weary and can use a little unwinding before bed.   Oh, and apparently according to some I’m some sort of internet addict.  :-)

Dead Dinos:

  • Tennessee:  $1.86/gallon
  • Kentucky: $1.92/gallon


  • Starting Mileage, 2008-11-21: 132,252
  • Ending Mileage, 2008-11-21: 133,016
  • Traveled Today:  764 miles

Pictures after the cut.

Snowy North Carolina

Snowy Tennessee

Sunny Tennessee

Kentucky to Illinois