I get it, it’s shiny and neat, you just couldn’t resist adding it to your web site in the belief that your visitors would love it and it would add all sorts of keen functionality to your web site.  Maybe I’m alone in this opinion, but I REALLY dislike the Wibiya toolbar hovering down there eating up screen real estate and generally detracting from the appearance of the site I’m visiting. Yes, it can be “sorta” minimized but that’s something you’ll have to do EVERY time you visit a site that uses it.


For those of you that agree, there is a simple way to say goodbye to Wibiya forever.  The Firefox add-on, Ad-Block Plus is free and can selectively block content by source automatically (in addition to the ability to selectively block malicious or overly aggressive advertisements*).

Once you’ve installed Ad-Block Plus, click on the Tools | Adblock Plus Preferences in Firefox and select Add Filter.  In the New Filter box put “toolbar.wibiya.com” (no quotes) and click “Ok“.  You will have to reload any pages with Wibiya installed to see the change, but from that point forward you shouldn’t have problem with ANY sites using the Wibiya toolbar.

* For the record I don’t block all ads by default and actually suggest that you don’t either. I realize that much of the content I enjoy is ad-supported and only turn Ad-Blocker on in a case-by-case basis; if the site in question is using highly aggressive ads (automatic playing audio/video, offensive or NSFW ads, pop-ups, captive ad loops, etc).

UPDATE: Courtesy of commenter, Cubehouse (see below): “If you add *.wibiya.com to the filter it works with the new toolbar released (they’re using toolbar2 instead).”