cup_of_rssMy favorite news articles from the ridiculous 265+ RSS feeds in my newsreader.  One day in and I already took a “skip day”. I gave some thought to the WordPress plugin to pull in articles I tag in Google Reader automagically and it is certainly feasible.  I’m positive I can scrape the article titles and URLs easily enough, but I’m not sure if can also grab my annotations as well (the Share With Note” option in Google Reader).  If it can’t, it might just provide a list of titles and links without accompanying pithy comments. I’m not sure that will do at all.  Apologies to those that follow Facebook AND Livejournal syndications for the “double-ding” of posts. I occasionally consider letting Livejournal fall to the wayside, but for all its shortcomings, LJ probably has a lower amount of “noise” than Facebook, Twitter and so on.