facebook_privacyYou’re a real class act, Facebook. After turning my privacy settings on and posting the article about Facebook’s new privacy policy turning existing privacy setting off, I logged on this morning to find that Facebook had RESET many of my privacy settings BACK to public. Guess that’s one way of getting people to opt-in.

You may want to check your settings again as well.  Looks like FB is determined to get your “permission” to distribute your names, friends, address, trends and post content to search engines and marketing partners by any means necessary.

POSITIVE, it’s not just me:

” But in my tests, this extra protection did not work very well at all. Once I had chosen to exclude my Facebook profile from public search engines, I left my privacy settings page and returned to my profile (your settings are saved automatically). But when I went back to my privacy settings, the pages were wide open with no password requirement. I tested this out on several browsers and operating systems, I also signed out and back in several times to see if that would change anything.” — ABC News