cup_of_rssMy favorite news articles from the ridiculous 265+ RSS feeds in my newsreader and anywhere else unfortunate enough to capture my attention during the slower parts of any given day. If you don’t think I’m reading it already leave me a comment and I may add it to my daily news habit.

New items for February 2, 2010:

Dyzplastic's authorized Android figurines not upgradeable, but guaranteed not to crash I give it 48 hours after release before someone at MAKE or elsewhere actually shoehorns an actual “android” into one of these.

Must-have Mac accessory #31,345: Iron Man lid decal Ok, somewhat cheesy but still cute.

Man Hunts Crocodile That Has Eaten Over 200 People Soon to be a major Hollywood movie… oh wait, they’ve done this one already.

Solar Powered Charger Case – an electronic gadget’s best friend Love this thing, would be an excellent way to carry a device (phone, gps, etc) on the outside of existing hiking pack or urban bag. Integrated 2500mAh is quite respectable (~2 full G1 charges).

Vapur – Brilliant foldable, reusable water bottle Nice alternative to the rigid drink bottle I sometimes carry when hiking. Sure a pack mounted bladder is great for just water, but sometimes a smaller bottle is nice for mixing drinks and smaller chores.

Timbuk2’s Hidden Messenger Is A Better Reusable Bag A very nice collapsible messenger bag, though I prefer my gear bags with more internal support and padding.

Hot On Your Heels Because I know for a fact, I have a friend or three who are addicted to the crazy shoe-age.