If you’re an Amazon Prime user or just enjoy free shipping (and who doesn’t) you might get frustrated by the fact that Amazon doesn’t seem to offer the ability to search for Amazon-only products.  Sure, filtering by used/new can help slim down the results, but you’re still looking at whole lot of listing if you’re performing a search on popular terms.  Here is one way to force the search to a nearly pure Free Shipping / Amazon as Provider result:

  • Perform a normal search using the simple search box on Amazon’s front page
  • Once the search results return complete, add the following variable to the end of the search URL: &emi=ATVPDKIKX0DER
  • Hit enter and you should a refined search page with nearly all Free Shipping / Amazon as Provider subset of your first search.

Example: BEFORE and AFTER

Doesn’t seem to work in every single case, but it did help whittle down results nicely in quite a few categories that I experimented with. A bit clumsy but might save you scrolling through dozens of pages of results, at least until/if Amazon adds a feature like this to their advanced search page. Seems like a no-brainer value-add with all the pushing of Amazon Prime subscriptions, but we’ll see.