cup_of_rssMy favorite news articles from the ridiculous 265+ RSS feeds in my newsreader and anywhere else unfortunate enough to capture my attention during the slower parts of any given day. If you don’t think I’m reading it already leave me a comment and I may add it to my daily news habit.

New items for February 4, 2010:

Google Map Buddy – awesome freeware lets you grab the maps you need It’s a sad statement of geekiness when my second thought was “Does this work with all those fantasy/game maps that use the Google Maps API?”

Scosche Juices Up Your Gadgets With Solar Power Seems to be another wave of these devices, and while the price is nice, it fails in the capacity department and there is no mention of how long it takes to charge on solar.

Weather Channel distributes Android app via on-screen QR code I’m just waiting till someone start using QE codes subversively around town. :-)

Scosche solBAT II solar powered charger actually decently priced at $30 1500mAh is a bit low and the recharge period is dog slow, but $30 is a great price for a product in this category. Introducing WordPress for Android March on Android Legion. Actually, there have been WordPress apps on Android for some time, but nice to see an official WordPress product out there.