cup_of_rssMy favorite news articles from the ridiculous 265+ RSS feeds in my newsreader and anywhere else unfortunate enough to capture my attention during the slower parts of any given day. If you don’t think I’m reading it already leave me a comment and I may add it to my daily news habit.

New items for February 23, 2010:

YouTube Drops IE6 Support on March 13th [Browser Support] Writing is on the wall. Will dance on IE6’s grave soon, very soon.

TentPak – The backpack with the built-in tent ONLY 13 POUNDS? That’s not really something to brag about in modern hiking/camping. That’s 50% or more of my total load (food, water, gear, tent, sleep system, etc) and I’m not even considered “ultralight”.

Hot Lunch Bag: Thanko’s USB-powered lunch box warmers If there is absolutely, positively no way you can get out of range of your computer to eat a hot lunch, this device both solves the problem and reinforced the reality of your indentured servitude.