cup_of_rssMy favorite news articles from the ridiculous 265+ RSS feeds in my newsreader and anywhere else unfortunate enough to capture my attention during the slower parts of any given day. If you don’t think I’m reading it already leave me a comment and I may add it to my daily news habit.

New items for March 15, 2010:

Librophile Makes Quick Work of Finding Free Audio and Ebooks [Books] Oh hello there you tasty source of free (and seemingly legal) literature.

What Plants are Cubicle-Friendly? [Ask Lifehacker] For my cube farmers, when Farmville just isn’t having an appreciable level on your workplace ecosystem.

Steampunk coilgun pistol As cool as this is, I’d just like to point out that contact with the capacitors is probably more dangerous than the projectile. :-)

In the Makers Market: Police tape scarf To all my fiber-art ninja friends. This MUST be.