It’s an annoyance as old as hyperlinks; you’re browsing along on the internet, click on a link and suddenly your browser locks up as it tries to load a file such as MS Word or Adobe PDF.  You patiently wait till it finishes, in some cases not even able to access other tabs in your browser. Web designers are not immune to this frustration, so it’s something of a wonder why more of us don’t take steps to helping folks avoid this situation.  Take it as irony that I’m not currently using this solution on this web site (but only because I plan to make it into a WordPress plugin for ease of deployment).

I’m not the first to address this problem and this is only one of many solutions, but I’ve tried to make this one as self-contained as possible so it can be dropped into existing pages with little fuss and broad browser/platform support. I’ve included sample files, external style sheet and a large collection of icons.  Feel free to use this and adapt it to your need. I only ask that you do not sell this solution or charge for it.

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