I left Seattle this morning to spend a few days with family out in Port Angeles before beginning the solo part of my road trip. I figured this would be a good point to test all the techie stuff as well as my vehicle’s performance loaded.

I had no issues with the latter except that I decided to repack once I got to Port Angeles to improve access to some things and visibility. One day I will get the hand of this minimalist thing, but that day is not here yet. :-)

Video, Google Maps, Google Earth and road notes after the cut.

The time lapse app I’m testing performed well for the first section. The only issue was I did not mount the camera properly and got a big chunk of dashboard in my images. For this shorter trip, I decided to capture 1 image every 10 seconds and play them back at 15 frames per second. I may try to tweak my mount or look around for a better solution since I’ll be here for a few days. I’ll probably add a soundtrack to the on-the-road versions if time and inspiration allows.

Seattle to Kingston

Brutally long and slow line as I waited ferry from Edmonds to Kingston. Weekend traffic on a pretty day, though, so no real surprise there. Google Earth Version

Kingston to Diamond Bay

Once off the ferry I was treated to Washington-style traffic… “Drive 10 MPH under any posted speed limit” and “Never, ever turn on your headlights for any reason”. Atlantans will might appreciate this change from “Never Yield to Anyone, even to Police & Fire vehicles” and “Welcome to Thunderdome”, though. Google Earth Version

Diamond Bay to Port Angeles

Last leg of the pre-road trip. Traffic finally starts to thin out just in time for the Port Angeles speed traps. About this time I got confirmation that Latitude was all sort of buggy and the timelapse app I’m testing flaked briefly. So much for technology solving all our problems. :-) Google Earth Version

That’s it for the next few days as I spend time with family. Next leg will start around the 1st of September and take me.