(from the Triskle Entertainment Group) Gnostica is a live-action roleplaying (or LARP) game of personal divinity, intrigue, passion and conflict set in a modern world. In early 2004, Dialectic LLC will publish a PDF rulebook that contains everything you need to play Gnostica:


  • A believable setting in an unbelievable world where aspects of divinity walk hidden amongst us, steering our faith and defending our beliefs
  • Six immortal races of Radiant – Everlasting, Nephilim, Cage, Hungry, Shade and Nomad – presented with enough depth and flexibility to allow an infinite variety of character types and cultural backgrounds
  • Elegant morality system based on Protagonist and Antagonist Dispositions
  • Over 214 Impulse Powers and 21 Master Impulse Powers representing the Divine Virtues and Generic Impulses
  • Customizable character development system that supports total control over the type of character you wish to portray: scholar, mystic, warrior, missionary, soldier, spy, politician, prophet, gossip, artist, leader, rebel or poet
  • Easy-to-learn rules and quick conflict resolution mechanics designed for LARP (whether you’re hosting games with 10 players or 1,000) that transfer seamlessly to tabletop roleplaying as well.
  • Developed player-driven social and political settings that allow you to shape the fate of the Gnostica, including Houses, Academies, Citadels, Towers, Temples, Courts, Nations and much more!


Sounds very intriguing and the folks behind it are all top shelf developers in my opinion. Drop by and learn more about them: