At the i-Wear Fashion Show in Paris, which focuses on the latest developments in intelligent clothing, the Aerogel Jacket will be shown. It is based on Aerogel, the best insulating material in the world. Aerogel was used to insulate space probes sent to Mars. It is the only material that can insulate down to minus 50?C and melts at 3000?C. It is also the lightest solid in the world and in its purest form can float on air. Its appearance is similar to dry ice and has been called ?frozen smoke?. The jacket was designed and developed by Corpo Nove through its research and development lab, Grado Zero Espace, Italy.

Frozen snow to absolute zero

Aerogel jacket


“i-WEAR” Fashion Show will present the latest developments in intelligent clothing to European consumers in three major cities: Paris, Barcelona and Berlin.

The project takes place in the framework of the European Science and Technology Week, part of the European Union?s research programme to inform the public about the latest science and technology developments and trends. The event in Paris takes place on 5 November at 18:00 at Atelier Richelieu 60, rue de Richelieu (Palais de Richelieu).

i-WEAR Fashion Show, European Science and Technology Week

Technical textiles, intelligent garments, smart fabrics, wearable electronics will play an important role in the future. Clothing incorporating such technologies will not only make a fashion statement, they will also define an unprecedented level of practicality leading to greater well-being and security.

Already there are many prototype garments embodying new technologies, including ?Space Technologies?, but they are still very much at the prototype stage and little attempt has yet been made to commercialise them. However, the textile and fashion industries are extremely interested in learning about and pursuing new techniques and materials.

The aim of i-WEAR is to draw the attention of not only potential users and the press but potential designers, buyers and manufacturers to innovations in the field of intelligent and technologically advanced clothing and to broaden the consumer?s knowledge of topics such as safety, protection, healthcare, and wellness. In the long run, a greater level of acceptance of high tech in clothing will strengthen the competitiveness of Europe?s technology-driven industries.

The McLaren cooling suit will be shown at the show


Alongside garments from the Alexandra Fede collection, Wolford, France Telecom and Philips amongst others, ESA?s Technology Transfer Programme will be showing various garments incorporating space technologies which have been developed under its auspices by Grado Zero Espace, Verhaert and others. The ESA garments will include a shape memory shirt, McLaren cooling suit, Toy Jacket, Aerogel jacket, Spacebra, Babyguard to protect against cot death, and a UV suit to protect against xeroderma pigmentosum.

The i-Wear Fashion Show in Paris will be organised by Alexandra Fede, stylist for Du Pont de Nemours, Mitsubishi and Wolford. The promotion and publicity for the event will be handled by 2me Bureau. The show itself is expected to consist of a catwalk of static demonstrations of some 30-40 prototype garments with the technologies in each item being described to an audience of some 300-400 people, who will be able to get a good look and feel of the garments and ask questions. It is anticipated that Fashion TV will be present to create a video of the event, to be shown subsequently on FTV.