Deja View’s Camwear Model 100 captures everything you see, records it in a buffer so you never miss that moment! Simply press the record button and the last 30 seconds of video with audio will write to a removable storage device.

The Deja View Camwear Model 100 easily clips to your glasses or hat is constantly buffering 30 seconds of what you experience while wearing our product. With one simple press of a button, the camera will record a 30 second video with audio in 320X240 CIF in the latest MPEG-4 technology! The file is saved to a SD Memory card (64MB provided) upgradeable to 512MB (optional). The file is easily stored and transferred to a computer or when played in Video out mode, can be recorded directly through a VCR or viewed right on your TV screen! USB connection for computer or remove SD memory card and view it in an SD reader (not included).

Minimum sixteen 30 second videos recorded with 64MB SD Memory. 60 degree field of view. Divio Motion Estimation 1/4 PEL implementation for video picture clarity. Full natural motion frame rate 30 frames per second. 24 bits per pixel. Lithium Ion battery 2000 mA 4 hour life. Camera is FCC compliant. NTSC Analog output.

Items Shown on Right:

  • Hat and Glasses with Camera
  • Camwear Model 100 Hip Pack
  • Sample Items out of box

Future Sigma Model will include 4 hour continual recording.