(PCE) The Total Immersion PCE envelops the player in the heart of the game and gives them the freedom to personalize their playing environment, with surround sound, multiple monitors and gaming platforms, and a reclining chair that conforms to the player’s movements,” says Allan Quattrin , president and CEO of Personal Computing Environments, Inc. “We believe the PCE will bring a whole new dimension of reality gaming to Gaming Centers and competitions.

Technology changes quicker than fashion, so we configure our environments to enable users to upgrade and integrate new technologies and entertainment devices as they are introduced. This is tomorrow’s technology today, where you are the ruler of your own high-tech world, and where designing and expanding that world is almost as exciting as using it. Here are the unique features and specs of the PCE.

The PCE Frame
A frame constructed of 2? aluminum tubes and shaped like a stylized C extends one or more flat panel monitors overhead and directly in front of the user. The frame can be powdercoated in a choice of colors (hot red, electric blue or graphite, with custom colors available for an additional charge), and wheels can added to the base for mobility. It includes an adjustable footrest and keyboard support mechanism, and can be expanded to include 5- or 6-channel THX surround sound systems, desks on each side, and brackets to hold towers. PCE offers a lifetime guarantee on the structure.

Cable Management
A wire-free environment has been created by running data and video cables through one tube, and power cables through the other.

Frame Dimensions
Width: 34 inches (2 feet, 10 inches) from speaker to speaker; 27 inches without speakers
Length: 67 inches (5 feet, ‘7 inches)
Height: 70 inches (5 feet, 10 inches)
Weight: approximately 150 pounds

Freedom Chair by Humanscale
At the center of PCE?s ergonomic workspace is the Freedom Chair, which has won eight major design awards to date. It provides maximum ergonomic benefits with a minimum of manually adjusted controls. Once the chair is fitted, no further adjustment is required.

DAD Touring Chairs
DAD Touring Chairs fully recline to users’ comfort level, and a molded lateral support keeps the owner in the optimum seating position. The body heat is transferred into the seat and activates a high-density compound memory foam that contours the seat to your body

The PCE supports one to four LCD monitors in a variety of sizes that users can arrange in any configuration and in correct ergonomic relation to the eyes.

PCE allows you to attach your own computer (PC or Mac), or purchase one of two choices of powerful PCs, one designed for work/productivity, the second for multimedia and gaming (computer option coming soon).

Buyers can choose systems up to a 6-channel 600 watt THX or Dolby Digital surround sound systems for an explosive gaming or DVD home theater experience.

Desktops measuring 24″ x 30″ can be installed on either or both sides of a PCE; buyers have a choice of Curly Maple or Walnut veneers as well as custom exotic woods.

Plug and Play
The PCE platform allows you to combine all computer and video uses, tools and devices, from business to entertainment, into one environment that you create, adapt and expand .

We will be with you every step of the way. With easy to follow instructions including a video guide, you can assemble your PCE and be up and running in two hours or less (with two people) . We also can arrange for one of our techs to come and assemble the unit for you if so desire.

Price: $2,450.00