Lyzosy’s recent post regarding Guiding Light made me chuckle at first. Silly soap operas and there outlandish and implausible stories. Even her cautionary and apt comparision to gaming only gave me momentary pause. It was only when I considered my own secret and recently acquired indulgence that had to abandone my prejudices and concede that we all have our dubious tastes. That secret indulgence is, well, let me tell you how it started…

I’ve got the associate who has seen a couple episodes of this show over its course; mostly out of order and sporadically. Nonetheless, they enjoyed it but have always wanted to see it in order from the beginning. So, I decided, what the heck, with the power of programming at my fingers tips, I’ll do them a small favor and make it happen.  You have to believe me when I say that the show in question was never really my thing when I first heard about it so I let it come and go during it’s first season (regardless of rather good reviews).

But the episodes were just sitting there. I had to make sure they worked properly, so I fired one up.  A pilot episode, lot of the typical exposition but the type that is worked into the premise well and leaves you curious instead of saturated.

The character were archetypes but accessible ones. I could spy bits of friends, family and associates peaking out of each of them. Some of those familar faces read this very journal.  The writing was fairly witty, and spent an engaging time jumping between dark/heavy and light/funny.

Ok, another episode can’t hurt. I’d just want to see where they’ll take X, Y and Z next. Also, it never hurts to see if your first impression was a fluke.

That was six episodes ago. 17 Episodes and a Special left to go in season one.  And an entirety of season two to go.

Yeah, I like Desperate Housewives.  If you want to make something of it, I’ll tell everyone about the Star Trek Next Generation outfit you’ve got hidden in the back of your closet and your My Little Pony obsession.  You all know who you are.